Lee is Founder and President of Leadership Freedom LLC® and FreedomStar Media™. He is a leadership consultant and keynote speaker in the areas of leadership, teambuilding, and human behavior. His past clients include Fortune 500 senior executives and C-Level leaders in telecommunications, healthcare, military, and other business sectors...

Over 40 years ago, America welcomed home Col. Lee Ellis and his fellow prisoners of war from Vietnam. When Lee got out of the Hanoi Hilton after 1,955 days of captivity, even the simplest of activities took major adjustment – things like sitting in a chair, or sleeping in a bed, even drinking a beverage with ice. Now...

A Recent Endorsement from Mr Dan Davies, Executive Director, Nat'l. Assoc. of Chief Executive Officers -

“Your message is an excellent melding of actual events and principles that can be applied to leading a business--lessons today's executives can apply to their everyday leadership. You spoke from the heart with knowledge and conviction...

Lee Ellis on Leading with Honor -

“I define courage as doing what’s right even when it doesn’t feel natural and doesn’t feel safe. Overcoming fears to do what we know is right—that’s leading with honor.”

Lee's Return to Vietnam 41 Years Later - Explore His Perspective

Explore Lee's new insights on life and leadership from his recent return trip to the infamous Hanoi Hilton in March 2014. This was his first return visit, and he's now sharing these thoughts in his latest keynote addresses.

Read his new OpEd article in the San Antonio Express-News on his experience and the mix of anger and gratitude that he felt.

View photos from his speaking and visiting tour of the region as well as photos of his tour of the Hanoi Hilton prison camp.

Developing Next Generation Leaders - Recent C-Span Broadcast

Recently, Lee gave a keynote speech to 1,000 attendees at College of the Ozarks. With college students as many of the attendees, Lee shared his personal and intimate stories of his Vietnam POW experience. Then, he shared more about leadership lessons learned and how to adapt them into everyday life and work.

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C-Span Broadcast - this speech was featured as a special broadcast on C-Span's American History TV. 

Q&A Session - Watch the Live Question and Answer Session from the Audience.

Media Interview - Local TV station, KOLR TV, sat down with Lee and talked about the Leading with Honor message.

A Video Clip from the NACD Board Leadership Conference

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